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Nhà hàng

KAIQI integrates children’s entertainment into the parent-child dining room, creating a relaxing, pleasant, comfortable and warm play experience, increasing companionship and interaction, and narrowing the distance between each other. Except the dining area in the restaurant, KAIQI has created an area integrates slide, trampoline, and simulation kitchenette for children, Cosplay dress-up area and other theme amusement areas.

KAIQI upgraded the restaurant scene experience, breaking through the limits of the nature of parent-child restaurants system, creating a third space of the family, getting rid of childish aesthetics, and tending to be refined and personalized. Exotic style, natural scenery, circus, etc all can become the entry point of the space theme, creating an amusement park-like play experience, and achieving the goal of creating emotional resonance with children. The amusement park in the restaurant satisfies the children’s personalized play needs and enhances the restaurant’s ability to gather customers.

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Play areas such as sea balls, kitchen, family fun, sand pool, etc. are integrated in every corner of the restaurant, which not only increases the fun of the experience, but also widens the field of vision, which is beneficial for the parents to pay attention to the children's movements. The parent-child paradise combined with the dining hall not only allows the family to enjoy healthy and delicious food, but also to experience the whole family's cooking and learning to do some cooking together, thereby increasing the relationship between parents and children.

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